Thursday, October 16, 2008

Urban Development II

Boise Place, Boise. It will be 34 floors and 460'. It will be mixed-use with apartments, condos, and a hotel inside. It could possibly be taller due to the high demand of downtown living in Boise. It is on hold due to the bad economy. This is one of the most demanded lots of land in the Northwest.

Originally, the Boise Tower was proposed and eventually started construction for this lot, but because of bankruptcy it was never finished. Years later, the foundation is still partially completed, leaving a hole in the ground and the demand for downtown living even greater.

Urban Development

Who honestly wants to live in such conditions? Get in a car, drive to work, drive to the grocery store, drive the kids to school, get lost in your sub-division, not be able to put the ornaments you want out on your lawn, get stuck in traffic, and waste precious time. All for a little backyard that will have to conform to neighborhood regulations. Developers should be restricted in doing this. It's cheap for them, and expensive for you.

222 South Main, Salt Lake City. A decrepit building was here before. It is going to have a major impact on the south part of Salt Lake City's skyline.

The Aspen, Boise. A parking garage was built years ago that left a tiny lot of land. That land was deemed useless because it was so skinny. Condos came out of that "useless" piece of land. A major impact on downtown Boise living.

Glass, it's Northwestern.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Cycle of Culture

Where does it start? You tell me. I think it starts with Authentic.


"Conservatism is a dying philosophy, fueled by wealthy folks who love to give away money, favors, and support to people they are friends with so they can all get richer all the while using hot button social issues on simple minded and poor bigoted people to keep them in power.
It’s called YSMBISY. (You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.)" - Unknown

The Culture War is dead, and the Churches lost, because of hypocrisy. Why is it that being kind to all and accepting different cultures other than your own is considered "evil" or "godless"? To me, that's considered compassion and charity. It's becoming more and more clear to me that some people have gone astray from Jesus' original message and become intolerant, pushy, suffocating, and condemning.

Monday, September 8, 2008


However much I talk, however well I talk, I make a certain sense, but it's still only stupid talk. However much I strut around, however loud I sing, The shining One inside me won't say anything.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Did I imagine it would be like this? Was it something like this I wished for? Or will I still want more? I feel at home whenever the unknown surrounds me. I receive it's embrace. The lust for comfort suffocates the soul. Restlessness liberates me. Peel off the layers until you get to the core. I have lost my origin, and I don't want to find it again. It's inhabitants seem so keen on God. I cannot stomach their right and wrong. United in movement, wonderful!